Saturday, August 16, 2008

My 7th Fan of Chapman Post

A short sketch from 1967's At Last the 1948 Show, with Graham playing the minister who falls apart, and Tim Brooke-Taylor playing the man who interviews him while watching him lose his bits. The name of this show always confused me, as the date seemed quite wrong. Turns out the name poked fun at the BBC's habit of shelving new shows for quite awhile before they ever saw daylight.

Wikipedia says this show only ran during 1967, and much of it was wiped, so there's a lot of very valuable footage completely gone. I understand Python was spared that very fate by Ron Deveiller, an American PBS executive who just found the tapes sitting around on shelves. If he hadn't located the show and made it quite popular in the states, Python might well have disappeared for good.

Well, imagine that! Or better yet, don't.

I've just purchased The Pythons: Autobiography by the Pythons, and I plan to glom onto it quite ferociously once it arrives. The question is: Do I really want to know this much about the boys, and especially my favorite Graham? I understand Graham was often complicated and often drunk, and maybe not always as much fun to be around as he appeared to be on television (although he never tried to blow smoke up anyone's arse about that).

Sometimes if I learn too much about someone or something I like, I become disappointed. When you place someone very high up on the pedestal, only to learn they are quite human, well gosh, what a letdown.

I'm not saying it's fair.

But as I said, I know Graham could be a piece of work, yet I still adore him as a comedian. In fact, his personality likely made him the way he was on film, and I really, really liked watching him. So, I'll read the book, wince a little perhaps, and learn some more about what made him go.

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